Simple, solid-glass
display cabinets

Display cabinets are a great alternative to solid wood fronts. We offer a selection of designs that look great not only in the kitchen. We offer designs that perfectly fit the living room, bedroom or corridor.

Our offer of solid-glass display cabinets is quite extensive. We make solid-glass display cabinets that match the selected product pattern. For milled fronts the envelope edge in the display cabinet window is the same as in the chosen front pattern. Solid-glass display cabinets can be finished with both PVC foil and varnish

Muntin bar display cabinets fit perfectly into the classic interior and together with accessories such as pilasters, wine racks or crown mouldings create an aura characteristic of a simple, traditional interior. With single-colour scheme, additional backlights or mirrors, the muntin bar display cabinets can be freely used in modern interiors.

Display cabinets are made in the thickness corresponding to the selected front model.

For front patterns with thicknesses and types of finish please see the breakdown into sets.

The following laminate colours are available for selection:

  • white (standard), the colour of the selected PVC foil,

Foiled muntin bar display cabinet are available in matt PVC foil finishes.

For display cabinets with atypical dimensions, with height exceeding 2000 mm, as a standard we make the cabinets with a transverse beam (see example SZ12U with height of 2400 mm).

The KOBAX® company is not responsible for:

  • Differences in the wood ring pattern between the PVC foil patten book,,
  • Differences in shade of PVC film for fronts coming from different production batches. This is due to the fact that the PVC film manufacturer does not guarantee the repeatability of the film colour shade across delivery batches,
  • Colour differences resulting from adding new elements. Used fronts gently change their colours both regardless of whether finished with varnish, PVC foil and veneer,

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