PF | PW | PA 010

multi-purpose panel


The panels are available in three format:

- milled (PF),
- excerpt (PW),
- openwork (PA).

Type of finish:

MDF Foiled: (matt / gloss)
MDF Varnished*: (matt, textured matt, gloss)
Double-sided veneered MDF: (matt, matt with open pores, gloss), only through dyed black MDF

*Please mind that in the varnished version 3D milled elements are not polished.

Possible panel thicknesses [mm]:

Standard thickness: #12
Other thicknesses available: #18, #22, #28
MDF czarny w masie tylko grubość: # 19

* Openwork panel [PA] finished with foil gloss only in thickness #12

Typical panel dimensions [mm]:

Width: 600*
Height: 600*

* Typical dimensions include also multiples of 600x600 (i.e. e.g. 1200x1200, 1800x1200, etc.) - all other dimensions are classified as non-standard dimensions.

NOTE! Max format for typical dimensions 2400 x 1200

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