3D panels for kids

Panels from the children's collection [PD] are an ideal solution for the youngest household members. Interesting patterns will perfectly fit into the child's room arrangement.

With kid's panels you can arrange our child's kingdom in a unique way. Thanks to the wide range of applications, the whole interior can be arranged and not just a single element.
The panels offer almost unlimited use options, everything depends on the creativity and ingenuity of the investor.

Panels in this collection come in a single form. Modules in standard size can be combined with each other to create a coherent, repeatable pattern. Upon request, each panel can be made in any size. It is possible to transfer elements of the pattern to the headboard of a bed or other element i.e. furniture front. The pattern can be transferred to the whole front or only to its part, so you can create a unique collection of furniture for your kid’s room.

Panels for kids can be finished with PVC films from our collection and all matt and gloss varnishes available in ICA, RAL and NCS pattern books.

The KOBAX® company is not responsible for:

  • Differences in the wood ring pattern between the PVC foil patten book,,
  • Różnice w odcieniu folii PVC dla paneli pochodzących z różnych partii produkcyjnych. Związane jest to z faktem, iż producent folii PVC nie gwarantuje powtarzalności odcienia koloru folii w nowych partiach dostawy,
  • Różnice kolorystyczne wynikające z doróbek elementów. Elementy już użytkowane delikatnie zmieniają swoje barwy zarówno w przypadku wykończenia frontów lakierem,folią PVC oraz okleiną,
  • Damage to the PVC foil at the edges (shrinkage) caused by excessive temperature, which directly affects the product (oven area - tilting of the door, use of kitchen equipment not intended for building in, influence of vapour from water-boiling kettles, heating of rooms with gas or electricity burners that give directional heat to the product as well as halogen lighting).,
  • Różnice w odcieniu lakieru dla paneli pochodzących z różnych partii produkcyjnych.


Informujemy, że w wersji lakierowanej frezowania 3D nie są polerowane.

All documents on children’s panels can be found in the download section.  


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3D panels for kids

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