Solid fronts R1 and R3
with 3d panel,
foiled version

Solid R1 and R3 fronts with 3D panel are a great alternative to solid and milled fronts. With this interesting solution our furniture gains a unique look. Original design of 3D panels allows to create special furniture fronts.
We offer a wide range of 3D panel designs, which can be used for the whole front or only as an element of it. The concept only depends on your imagination
You can choose the front colour from over 200 colours available in our PVC foil pattern book. The front can be covered with solid and other foils, e.g. decoration imitating wood or architectural concrete.  

The thickness of the front depends on the selected 3D panel design used for the front. For more information see the technical specifications of 3D panels. Specifications are available for download or at a specific pattern in 3D panels section.

The following laminate colours are available for selection:

  • white (standard), the colour of the selected PVC foil,

Foiled, solid fronts with 3D panel are available in matt and gloss PVC foil finishes. However, it depends on the 3D panel pattern selected.

The KOBAX® company is not responsible for:

  • Differences in the wood ring pattern between the PVC foil patten book,,
  • Differences in shade of PVC film for fronts coming from different production batches. This is due to the fact that the PVC film manufacturer does not guarantee the repeatability of the film colour shade across delivery batches,
  • Colour differences resulting from adding new elements. Used fronts gently change their colours both regardless of whether finished with varnish, PVC foil and veneer,

Technical specification of 3D panels are available for download or at a specific pattern in 3D panels section.

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