Milled antiquated fronts

Antiquated fronts are covered with a layer of patina. They are available for all the offered front designs.  Patina is applied on fronts finished with PVC matt foil or mat varnish.

The patina gives the furniture fronts a unique look. The ageing effect is classy and elegant.
In our offer includes three types of patinas available in several colours.

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W zależności od wybranego wzoru fronty mogą występować w grubości:  18, 22 i 24 mm.
Grubość określonych wzorów można sprawdzić klikając w odnośnik poniżej.

The laminate colour depends on the selected front thickness:

#18  white (standard), 

#19  white (standard),

Fronty frezowane patynowane mogą być wykończone folią PVC lub lakierem.

Przy składaniu domówień na fronty patynowane należy zwrócić uwagę, iż patyna nakładana jest ręcznie.   Z tego powodu nie gwarantujemy pełnej powtarzalności wzorów. W takiej sytuacji konieczne jest dostarczenie wzoru frontu.

When placing an order for fronts with a height of less than 140 mm, milling is not possible for the ordered article (for technical reasons). Then the fronts remain even on the surface.

The KOBAX® company is not responsible for:

  • Differences in the wood ring pattern between the PVC foil patten book,,
  • Differences in shade of PVC film for fronts coming from different production batches. This is due to the fact that the PVC film manufacturer does not guarantee the repeatability of the film colour shade across delivery batches,
  • Colour differences resulting from adding new elements. Used fronts gently change their colours both regardless of whether finished with varnish, PVC foil and veneer,

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Types of patinas

Patina colours

Patyna brązowa

Patyna miedziana

Patyna złota

Patyna srebrna

Patyna popielata

Patyna biała

Art.1 old patina [PS]

Art.2 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.3 old patina [PS]

Art.7 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.10 solid patina [PJ]

Art.11 old patina [PS]

Art.12 old patina [PS]

Art.13 old patina [PS]

Art.14 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.16 old patina [PS]

Art.19 old patina [PS]

Art.20 solid patina [PJ]

Art.21 old patina [PS]

Art.29 old patina [PS]

Art.30 old patina [PS]

Art.33 old patina [PS]

Art.34 old patina [PS]

Art.35 old patina [PS]

Art.36 old patina [PS]

Art.38 old patina [PS]

Art.40 old patina [PS]

Art.56 solid patina [PJ]

Art.57 old patina [PS]

Art.58 old patina [PS]

Art.59 old patina [PS]

Art.63 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.64 old patina [PS]

Art.65 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.66 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.67 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.69 solid patina [PJ]

Art.70 old patina [PS]

Art.71 old patina [PS]

Art.72 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.73 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.74 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.75 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.76 old patina [PS]

Art.81 old patina [PS]

Art.82 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.83 old patina [PS]

Art.100 old patina [PS]

Art.103 old patina [PS]

Art.104 old patina [PS]

Art.105 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.106 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.107 solid patina [PJ]

Art.108 old patina [PS]

Art.108 old patina [PS]

Art.113 old patina [PS]

Art.114 old patina [PS]

Art.115 old patina [PS]

Art.117 old patina [PS]

Art.118 old patina [PS]

Art.119 old patina [PS]

Art.121 solid patina with dark corners [PJCR]

Art.127 old patina [PS]

Art.128 old patina [PS]