Milled filmed fronts

Fronty frezowane są w ofercie odkąd firma KOBAX istnieje. Wraz z biegiem lat i w zapotrzebowaniu rynku, powstawały kolejne wzory frezów. Wzory frontów frezowanych w naszej ofercie podzielone są na pięć zestawów: Zestaw I, Zestaw II i Zestaw III, Zestaw IV oraz zestaw V, które różnią się między sobą trudnością i poziomem skomplikowania wzoru, możliwym wykończeniem oraz co za tym idzie również ceną.

Each model from our collection can be made in a foil matt version. Selected fronts are also available in gloss*.

* In the case of gloss film, for technological reasons, the edge with an envelope should be selected. You can choose from four edges: R1, R3, R10 or “soap”-style milled.




Depending on the selected model, front thickness may be: 18 mm, 22 mm. You can check the thickness of the selected model by clicking on the link below.

Standardowy kolor laminatu na lewej stronie to biały.

Za dopłatą możliwość zmiany koloru na kolor dowolnej folii PVC.



Milled fronts in foil version can be finished with foil in colours available in our pattern book. Wide range of colours of PVC foil allows to finish the fronts with solid-colour foils, foils imitating wood, concrete or marble.

When placing an order for fronts with a height of less than 140 mm, milling is not possible for the ordered article (for technical reasons). Then the fronts remain even on the surface.

The KOBAX® company is not responsible for:

  • Differences in the wood ring pattern between the PVC foil patten book,,
  • Differences in shade of PVC film for fronts coming from different production batches. This is due to the fact that the PVC film manufacturer does not guarantee the repeatability of the film colour shade across delivery batches,
  • Colour differences resulting from adding new elements. Used fronts gently change their colours both regardless of whether finished with varnish, PVC foil and veneer,
  • Damage to the PVC foil at the edges (shrinkage) caused by excessive temperature, which directly affects the product (oven area - tilting of the door, use of kitchen equipment not intended for building in, influence of vapour from water-boiling kettles, heating of rooms with gas or electricity burners that give directional heat to the product as well as halogen lighting).

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