Artistic fronts - pouring decorations

Artistic fronts, paintings, furniture elements? It's all from Valkira-Art Design.

Love certain colours? Something missing from your apartment, house or living room?

Valkira-Art Design stworzy dla Ciebie elementy mebli, fronty meblowe czy obrazy, które dodadzą charakteru Twojemu wnętrzu czy to w pojedynkę jako front meblowy lub w komplecie jako np. front meblowy biurka i obrazu nad nim powieszonego. Produkty nie są produkowane masowo! To prawdziwe dzieła sztuki! Nie ma powtarzalności namalowanego wzoru i każdy jest przez to unikatowy. Kolorystyka, format i kształt jest do wyboru, jednak większe formaty nie zawsze da się technicznie wykonać.

Depending on intended use, all the works can be made on chipboard (square, rectangle) and on MDF and HDF (squares, rectangles and various shapes - circles, ellipses, hexagons, etc.).

Only an element with a similar pattern can be made to complete the set and it will always be a little different. The final effect is slightly impredictable. To give your product some depth and sharpness, each pattern is additionally corrected manually, which makes even more individual. Due to the artistic character and specificity of the creation process, some irregularities on the surface of the element are allowed. This is due to the number of paint layers, which sometimes need to dry for several days. That is why often the creative process can take up to a month.

These works of art are delicate products, so you need to treat them with the love they deserve. Light and moisture are enemies of painting. Please bear it in mind when choosing the place where the work of art is displayed, either in the form of a painting or as a furniture front or element. Due to increased temperature the fireplace surroundings can also contribute to deformation or destruction of the product.

All works of art are protected against the influence of UV light, but no protection gives a 100% guarantee, so thus proper placement will slow down natural ageing process.

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