Tops are designed as interior design elements and they include worktops, table tops, desk tops, shop counters. They are also used as interior equipment in for banks, hotels, hospitals and other public facilities. The collection of worktops has been prepared with a perfect modern interior finish in mind.

We cut tops to size, cut out curves, and join tops.


We currently offer a wide selection of colours and designs. Tops are divided into several groups and are available in the following textures: special office, wood structure, crystal, spark, stone, solid colour, gloss structure, wood pores.

Our decoration offer responds to the latest market trends, both in Poland and abroad. We select our decoration very carefully, among others, on the basis of the latest trends dictated by the largest furniture manufacturers.

The decorations are mostly nature-inspired; by wood, stones and sands. Our worktops offer complemented by a wide range of finishing accessories with colours matching the collection of worktops: glue-laminated edges. We also provide assembly bars in aluminium for assembly and aesthetic finish.

Download the order form
When placing your orders use our form to streamline order processing!

Download the order form
When placing your orders use our form to streamline order processing!

0859 PE

7045 RS

8685 RS

9763 BS

K091 FP

K092 FP

K203 PE

K204 PE

K206 PE

K211 PE

K212 PA

K215 BS

4298 UE

4299 UE

5527 FP

K002 FP

K003 FP

K013 SU

K016 SU

K023 SU

K024 SU

K025 SU

K026 SU

K027 SU

K028 SU

K029 SU

K030 SU

K095 SU

K102 SU

K108 SU

K201 RS

K202 RS

K205 RS

K207 RS

K208 RS

K209 RS

K210 CR

K213 RS

K214 RS

K367 PH

K368 PH

K369 PH

K370 PH

K371 PH

K217 GG

K218 GG

K093 SL

K094 SL

K103 SL

K104 SL

K105 FP

K107 FP

K200 RS

0190 AF

0190 SL

8685 SU

K023 SU

K028 SU

K108 SU

K367 PH

K368 PH

7099 GM

7100 GM

K205 SL

K217 GM

K292 PW

K295 PW

K302 PH

K372 GM

K219 SU

K220 SU

K221 SU

K222 SU

0101 PE

0190 RS

7240 WO

3025 WO

5402 WO

7432 WO

4I39 WO

0781 FP

A785 RS

K008 PR

K009 PR

A300 RS

A495 PE