We manufacture:

  • furniture fronts
  • 3D decorative panels
  • radiator covers
  • indoor sills

Additionally, our offer includes:

  • plates, tops, edges
  • furniture accessories
  • pouring decorations

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Welcome to our website!

O nas

The KOBAX® company was founded in 1977. It is thanks to our demanding customers that for so many years we have been among the industry leaders. The commitment of our staff to service gives really good results. This has been confirmed by regular customers, their positive opinions, as well as numerous awards granted for our products.

In-house production

Production of top quality straight and bent furniture fronts, display cabinets, 3D panels, tops and windowsills in various finishes such as varnish, PVC foil or veneer.


Our offer includes furniture boards of various types such as chipboard, MDF, HDF, as well as HPL HIGH GLOSS boards and kitchen worktops from well-known and valued brands.


We provide a range of services, i.e.: cutting boards to size, veneering narrow edges, milling in machining centres and much more. We also transport products directly to the customer.

Furniture fronts

Furniture fronts are our passion. For over 40 years we have been trying to meet the expectations of our customers, adjusting to the trends on the furniture market. Out of care for our customers, we are constantly expanding our design offer. Our services are characterized by the highest possible level. Consumer satisfaction is our priority.

  • Over 100 patterns of milled fronts
  • Wide range of colours of PVC films, varnishes and veneers.
  • Stylish design
  • Our offer includes straight, bent, antiquated, varnished, veneer and raw fronts.

40 years of experience

quality and full customer satisfaction guaranteed


Safe and quick delivery guaranteed.

Free delivery

For orders for painted, foiled and veneer fronts and 3D panels above 1 m2


We serve customers from all over Poland and even from abroad.

Library with Kobax fronts models

Library with Kobax edge holders